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I am from a mixed-race West Indian background. I was born and brought up in South London I’ve been married for 20 years with 4 girls children I’ve worked my whole life I don’t believe in taking kind breaks from work because I feel life without earning something you are not a productive member of society. 

My work experience has taken me to different places I’ve worked for the government and for private enterprise which has given me good insight and experience in every level. I’m currently working for a government authority which is in transportation.

I’m 50 years of age I don’t drink or smoke I exercise regularly and I try to spend as much time with my family as possible I hope the books I have written so far are from a personal experience where I have learned from many different people and continue to learn from others especially my family And friends

A room without books is like a body without a soul
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This book will comprise a few letters from a dad to his teenage boy. In letters, hewould try to narrate his experience with studies and what mistakes his father had made, which put him off and what he is trying to do for his child while keeping the mistakes that he could make and want to avoid. He will advise his teenage boy how to take his studies seriously and why it is so important for him to pay attention to studying by providing him with anecdotes of his life and other people’s life who have either failed or succeeded. It will also include factual information regarding different studies to make the case authentic. He will choose different aspects of studies and discuss them in each letter. It is an open journal from a dad to his child.
My Clan
Keep strong within your family’s love when everything else is falling apart around you.

The journey of life is just like a boat wandering in the huge ocean of success and failure that are often undirected and unintended. But this should not be happen as it leads to chaos, ambiguities, and uncertainties at every stage of life. To avoid such issues, the parents should have to play a significant role through taking control over their teens’ life and guide them to have successful life in the world. 
Self Help
Every human’s life is a composition of inner and outer world. The outer world is considered as body and the inner world is soul. So, the strength and prosperity of one’s life is the fulfillment of these two components. Just like the physical fitness spiritual satisfaction is also important for the development of every human being. So, to achieve an overall happiness and success in life physical and spiritual self-help is inevitable. You might be physically fit and strong but in the absence of spiritual fulfillment you may not be able to achieve that level of success that you are capable of. If you are in search of spiritual as well as physical self-help techniques then this book is worth reading as it can let you know the importance of spiritual self-help for an overall development and will also uncover the devastating role of passive or negative thoughts in one’s life. 
Ignite Your Mind
If you see yourself repeating self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, then it is essential to understand the underlying causes of these thoughts and behaviors. Self- defeat is something you can overcome. You just have to recognize the situations in your life and the past struggles that have caused such a downward spiral of these self- defeating patterns.

Humans are creatures of habit and feed on habits most of the time. Our brainsactively try to stop us from changing our habits, trying new things, and leaving our comfort zone. However, habits run their course. If you have healthy habits, like brushing your teeth every morning and every night, your visits to the dentist will be less painful. And then there are the self-defeating habits, the ones we may not recognize are harming us rather than helping us.
A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end.
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